We use quality materials and recycled materials depending on the needs of each client. We have boxes of all sizes as well as very practical wardrobe carton boxes where clothes are hung on his own hook. The furniture is packed with cardboard for export or long-term storage, we also use special fabric mat for local or domestic moving.

We know that delicate and fragile items are more expensive, so when necessary, we manufacture in our own workshops plywood boxes, lift vans or crates of Wood to the size of any object that is requested by the customer.

We specialize in packaging machinery, antiques, crafts, artwork and sculptures. Our packaging is strong enough to cross the world without damage.

We have the practical PAK-T EMPAQUES, to start organizing your moving.

Diferentes Empaques

We have different packaging methods for your furniture

Diferentes Empaques

Packing glassware and delicate articles

Diferentes Empaques

Specialized packaging